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"Shannon is a driven and motivated employee, who spear heads great initiatives, despite potential road blocks. She provided great development and organizational support to a diverse work force, all the while, taking each individual into account."

Project Specialist at Sempra Energy

"Shannon exudes professionalism. She is goal-driven, strives for the best - and succeeds. Shannon is very pleasant to work with; and she has an incredibly positive disposition. Shannon is also a fantastic trainer - keeping her audience highly engaged with her knowledge and personality. She is a great motivator."

Senior Marketing Advisor at San Diego Gas & Electric

"Shannon is a dynamic, energetic, extremely intelligent go-getter who steps up to the challenge. Highly capable, she will bear fruit in any change endeavor she puts her mind to. We hired Shannon initially to complete the terms of a grant in San Diego; she completed all the one-year goals in a mere six months and has been steadily moving forward since then."

Director of Development, International Mental Health Non-Profit

"Shannon is a true leader! I love her energy and team management style! I could add more to this statement, but there are not enough words to express what I’ve learned from watching her in action."

Account Representative, Sempra


"Shannon Fricilone Long is not only a highly organized and forward thinking consultant but also an inspiring person. She is an insightful and open minded professional. Detail oriented, efficient, careful and reliable expert that cannot be overestimated. Her knowledge and dedication allow her to view solutions instead of problems."

Senior Aerodynamics/Propulsion Engineer Northrop Grumman

"Shannon's expertise in her field and ability to work across a large organization has added tremendous value. I've seen Shannon perform from an externally facing standpoint and have always been impressed!"

Community Relations Manager at Sempra Energy

"Shannon Fricilone Long is one of the most valuable consultants I have ever worked with. She is a highly organized Change Management Consultant. She is very customer focused, dedicated and energetic; her knowledge is vast and thorough."

Director of CA Technologies

"Shannon brings to an organization a positive, caring attitude; team player; strategic thinker; and strong, high-energy work ethic. I worked with Shannon as she integrated the Recovery International “mental health self-help system” in San Diego. This work not only ensured those populations would be provided with self-help tools to lead more peaceful and productive lives, but it gave me the stories to tell and evidence to share with other markets to help grow the organization's outreach."

Marketing Director, International Mental Health Non-Profit

"Shannon is a dynamic go-getter.
Willing to put herself out front as an innovative initiator, she grabs opportunities by the horns and makes them her own. She is passionate about making a difference in whatever endeavor she undertakes. She is both strategic and tactical. She works hard to understand the various angles of issues to see the big picture clearly. She executes tactics well in support of the strategy she sees.

Consultant/Owner VPI Strategies



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